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Photo Galleries
We found a new home
Building dedication and modular layout
Starting construction of the permanent layout
The layout is in - Let's run some trains!
Working on the railroad
Progress shows on the layout
Now and Then - see how far we've come
Narrow gauge line
Our first official Operating Session
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2010 Christmas Party
2019 Christmas Party
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Spring 2014 Spouse Operating Session
The Woodlands Photography Club visits APN

    Rich Cutler
    Randy Handley (updated 4/2009)
    Moe January (2006)  (2007)  (2009)
    Bob Miller

APN Member's Home Layouts


Rich Cutler's layout
Construction continues on my home layout as slow as it is. I was given a couple of tables of the Siever System bench work and find that system to be a good concept. So, I now have completed seven 30”x48” tables and have completed all the legs for the remaining 8-10 tables. I also have completed drilling and cutting the 4’ members for the remaining, but still need to cut and assemble the top bracing which is spaced every 12”. The Siever concept appears to provide a solid and firm base.

The layout will take an additional 8 to 10 tables. There will be staging below the wall side and it will be a twice around design with approximately 150 feet of mainline.


Juan's layout
Here’s the first stage of Juan's home layout – combination between library shelves and layout really

The opening on the left will access a helix or vertical elevator on the service
stairwell.  Layout here is a straight and flat 18” x 21’.  Initially will use it
as a test bed to get acquainted with all the DCC electronics.

Eventually, it will probably become
“San Lazaro Station”, an old narrow gauge &
three-rail station in Mexico City for which Juan is doing historical research.



Pictures of Randy's layout
Randy must not be able to get enough of playing with trains.   You see, in addition to running trains on APN's layout, Randy is also building the home layout shown in the following gallery.  He does these both in his spare time, when he is not at work, driving real locomotives for the UP.  Added new pictures taken February 2008.


Showing the modular benchwork Randy is using. August 2007


Pictures of Moe's layout
Moe is a seasoned modeler and a member of the APN scenery committee. Moe is also the "Mayor" of Big Bend, one of the towns on APN's layout.  Here are some pictures Larry took of Moe's home layout during a visit in 2006 by several APN members. In addition to giving a tour of the layout, Moe was a most gracious host and also surprised us by providing lunch!


Below are some additional pictures of Moe's layout taken in July 2007:


And some more photos of Moe's layout taken March, 2009



Pictures of Bob's layout
Bob, another of APN's seasoned modelers, provided these pictures of his home layout.  Bob is our longstanding secretary, is a member of the Scenery Committee, the "Mayor" of Valley Junction (a town on APN's layout), and is the author of the APN History found here





John and Jim also have home layouts, Rich is building one, as is Brad with help from his cousin Jason, and  Mike is planning one.  We will try to post pictures of these when they become available.



Updated 02/11/2020